Consultation on Proposed Plans for Rawtenstall Town Centre is Now Open

Consultation on Proposed Plans for Rawtenstall Town Centre is Now Open

The new consultation on the plans for Rawtenstall Town Centre and in particular the bus station for Rawtenstall has now officially opened with the first of the public consultation events taking place 10-18:30 at Kay Street Baptist Church on Saturday 3rd of October.

The latest artistic impressions were on show for the first time at the event and they show the first phase of a £20m redevelopment of Rawtenstall town centre are due to be released as part of the consultation on the plans for the bus station.

Architects were tasked with redesigning the scheme to address concerns raised in the public consultation by some heritage groups.

The scheme, being led by the Rossendale Together Barnfield Partnership, will create hundreds of new jobs and is central to economic growth and bringing in new investment into the borough.

The new proposed plan retains the most attractive parts of Rawtenstall Town Hall, reduces the height of the new bus station and retains a public square and open space.

As this further, extensive consultation now begins residents, businesses and community groups are urged to have their say.

The consultation will run from 3rd October to 30th October. It is an extensive consultation and the RTB Partnership would like lots of people to get involved and share their comments with us. We will be holding the first part of the consultation in Rawtenstall Town Centre from 3rd – 10th October.

The Rossendale Together Barnfield Partnership sees Rossendale Council, Together Housing and Barnfield Construction working together and pooling resources to promote growth and prosperity in Rossendale.

Councillor Alyson Barnes, chair of the RTB, said:

“I am very clear on the importance of listening to people to make sure the schemes we want to deliver are the best they can be and reflect what people want.

“We have listened to people, gone back and had a rethink and produced these new plans which I believe are now the right mix of preserving the area’s heritage as well as creating a vibrant town centre.

“This development is vital to the growth and prosperity of the borough and the key to bringing in new investment. But I also have to be clear that without redevelopments such as these Rossendale could be left behind.”

Tim Webber, Vice Chair of the RTB Partnership, said: “The RTB Partnership is a key vehicle to enable the borough to prosper. We want an attractive and exciting development which reflects Rawtenstall’s history on this site and we believe these plans deliver that.”

Councillor Darryl Smith, an RTB board member, said: “I am pleased we have been able to accommodate people’s views and shown that we have listened. There will be another extensive consultation for people to let us know their views.”

Mike Damms, Chief Executive of the East Lancashire Chamber of Commerce, said: “The scheme will deliver new jobs and support business growth.”